SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

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SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling on Tenerife

With average water temperatures of 22 24oC in Summer and 17 20oC in Winter, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is an ideal holiday destination for Water sports.

Tenerife is now a very popular venue for the swimmer and underwater diving in the form of SCUBA (Self contained diving apparatus) diving or Snorkeling Beginners and experienced divers from the UK and Europe will find suitable areas. There are some great dives to enter into your logbook. Some of the features listed below will tell you why. For the complete novice there are courses that are run on the island by the various dive centres.

Because the Canary island have volcanic origins, and are situated in deep Atlantic waters creates several advantages for divers.

  • Clear water
  • Pollution free compared to many other popular diving areas.
  • Fabulous volcanic underwater rock formations
    • Underwater valleys, caves, swim through arches and vast drop offs
  • Abundant sea life

What else makes Tenerife great for diving

  • A large number of Wrecks in depths of 18 40mts, available from boats.
  • Phosphorescence on night dives
  • Dive Centre availability

Whether your interest is in discovering the underwater world for the first time, taking a certification course in preparation for local diving back home and further holiday adventures, or as a certified diver adding to your logbook, Tenerife has something for you.

A full range of Scuba courses, BSAC and PADI are available from beginner level to instructor level are available from clubs and commercial diving centres.

Whether Snorkeling or SCUBA diving, in rocky areas it may be easier to get into the water than to get out. Always check that you can easily exit the water.

NEVER dive alone. Check out the local dive centres for Air, Nitrox and advice. These centres also provide courses, boat diving, diving instructors and equipment hire.

Playa de las Americas

  • Good Facilities
  • Visibility in good conditions 30mts
  • Skill level All

Playa de las Americas

  • Good Facilities
  • Visibility in good conditions 30mts
  • Skill level All

Estrella del Mar Dive Center

Puerto Colón – Pantalan 4, Playa de las Américas, Tenerife
Hannah (deutsch, english):  (+34) 666 523 329
Bart      (español, italiano):  (+34) 676 301 706

Our Dive Center is placed on board our boat “Estrella del Mar”